Wall Repair Cream Mending Ointment Waterproof White Paint Paste Sealant Cement Putih Putty Filla Cat Baiki Dinding Retak Crack
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Product Detail:

Volume: 150g

Color: White only

Come with attachable scarper

Product Detail:

Volume: 150g

Color: White only

come with attachable scarper


- Easy repairing of holes, cracks and crevices

- Lightweight, ready-mixed and quick-dry formula

- Come with attachable scraper, can do with one hand

- Paintable with latex or oil based paints

- Anti-crack & shrink

- Environment friendly & formaldehyde free

- Safe & reliable for household use


- The damaged surface such as falling off, emptying, peeling, powdering, etc. must be removed.

- Drying time depends on weather conditions, batch scraping thickness and area size, time. No accuracy

- If the repaired pit is too large, please apply it in multiples, wait until the previous one is completely dry, and then apply it.

- If the wall plaster is completely dry, a depression appears, and a second batch of scraping can be performed.

- Before construction, please take protective measures on the ground to avoid affecting cleanliness.

- If not used, please tighten the bottle cap and store it in a cool and dry place.

- Keep out of reach of children and pets.

What's in the box

150g White Color Wall Repair Sealer