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Product Size: 2.97M x 1.93M x 1.35M

Material: PVC

Model: 57453NP


Product Includes: 

  1. Water Sprayer 
  2. Water Slide
  3. Wading Pool 
  4. Rings Toss Game 
  5. 4x Inflatable Rings
  6. Ball Toss Game
  7. Ball Roller Game
  8. 6x Colorful Balls


Remark: The pool set does not include a pump.

  • 2 Storey
  • Room: Bedroom, Bathroom, Shop, and Pet Zone
  • Contain 4 Characters Lego
  • Include 4 buttons that can play music, lights, knowledge of China's provinces, and scientific knowledge


- Made with high-quality and non-toxic plastic

- Multifunction purpose : detachable remote control, 4 volume adjustment and many more

- Doll machine uses dual power mode : USB cable / 6 pieces of AA batteries (not included) 

- Remote control power mode : 2 pieces of AAA batteries (not included)

- Perfect as gift for birthday, party & festive season

  • Unique Design
  • Best Gift & Home decor
  • Colorful & attractive flowers


1. 756 pcs Bouquet Building Blocks Set
(Product Size: 38x26x7cm)

2. 462 pcs Bitaochun Building Blocks Set
(Product Size: 21x14x16cm)

3. 728 pcs Lotus Petal Orchid Building Blocks Set
(Product Size: 33x31x40cm)

4. 9 Roses of Love Building Blocks Set
(Product Size: 32x26x18cm)


Product Features

- Classic Legos space theme playset ready to play with kids.

- Decorated with astronaut figures and stickers to create custom scenes.

- Recommended Ages: 4-14 YEARS OLD



Big Building Blocks

  • Designs: 
  1. 149Pcs Police Station Building Block
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • Suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and adults.

Big Building Blocks

  • Designs: 
  1. 174Pcs Dream Castle Building Block with Storage Box
  • Material: High-quality ABS
  • Suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and adults.
  • 6-sided: Maze, Twist Gear, Clock, Shape, Puzzle, and Turn the bead
  • The cube blocks are included
  • A fun way to teach your kids to cognitive shape, time, number, etc
  • Suitable for kids age 3 years old and above

Water Spray Fire Truck 

  1. Refillable water tank 
  2. 360-degree ladder rotation 
  3. 4 different functioning buttons 
  4. Movable wheels 
  5. Music provided for extra entertainment 
  6. Storytelling and Chinese poem for extra education 
  7. Rounded edges with no sharp ends to minimize hazard during play

Ready stock in Malaysia, ship from Malaysia!

Name: Mold remover

Appearance: Mildewproof liquid

Size: 500ML

Weight: 1Kg

Function: Wall mold removal

Application: walls, walls, corners, outer walls, gaps on the edge of the sink, bathroom tiles, etc.



⦿ Made of high quality material, durable to use

⦿ Adjustable headband is suitable for different need

⦿ Adjustable pupillary distance and focal distance, convenient to use

⦿ Light weight and compa" easy to carry

⦿ Suitable for the phone ranges from 3.5~6 inches

⦿ Do not use the mobile phone while charging

⦿ Android system can install application software by scanning QR code

⦿ Material: ABS + Resin lens + Nylon + PU + Cotton

⦿ Video Input: Cell phone

⦿ Lens material: Aspheric optical lens

⦿ Color: White+Black

⦿ Visual Angle: 92 ~ 98 Degrees

⦿ Suitable: 3.5~6.0" Smartphone

  • The height of the flower stem can be adjusted;
  • A variety of bouquets, free to match;
  • Pieces of Building Blocks for Kids & Adults
  • the Best Educational DIY Gifts for Your Girls
  • Xmas, Birthday, any Festival
  • bricks are non-toxic plastic and can be used safely by children.
  • Noted:
  • All items are from Local/Malaysia!
  • We will ship items within 24 hours!
  • Shipping Days:2-3 days
  • If you have any questions, please chat with us immediately! we will be responsible for every one of my customers!

Reusable Stickers Book

Available Designs: 

  1. Space: Have a rocket-fueled adventure into space and get to know the planets better
  2. Ocean Animals: Explore the amazing sea world and discover the ocean animals that live there
  3. Insects: Get to understand the little bugs better through this reusable sticker book!
  4. My Body: Do you know how your body works? The surprising organs that work in your body! It comes with super-simple facts!
  5. Christmas: Cute Christmas themed stickers for kids


  • Measurements: 30.5cm x 23.5cm 
  • Material: Waterproof Paper. The static stickers are made of PVC material, non-toxic, not easy to fade, and reusable.
  • Pages: 3 Pages 
  • Stickers: 1 sheet (over 20 individual stickers)